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Essential Reading

International Action

  • JNM is proposing to run ZDLT workshops and activities in France. So he's translated the manifesto and is developing some pages in French here.
  • JNM se propose d'animer des ateliers et des activités ZDLT en France. Les pages Francophones sont ici.


Most laptops these days run on the Intel platform which enables any Zero Dollar Laptop to be running a minimal version of Linux. It would be great to create a list of these minimal Linux installations, but we suggest focusing on O/S's that have simple, graphical interfaces.

A lot of old macs running on PowerPC architecture are harder to bring back to life, but there are still some minimal Linux versions that load on PowerPC. I would like to contribute a list of these O/S's here:


  • Already the Zero Dollar Laptop project is starting to spawn real-world activities. Check out these workshops run by our friends at Furtherfield.


Text ToDos

  • It's been suggested that we make a short version of the manifesto for busy executives who don't have a long attention span!
  • :?: Would anyone be able to create a translation of the manifesto in their own language?
  • It would be great to develop some Straplines for the Zero Dollar Laptop. These can feed into the sticker project.
  • Let's make a publication that tells people How To make their own Zero Dollar Laptop. Maybe we could do this project as a book sprint with FLOSS Manuals?

Tech ToDos

  • I have to fix the wiki new account process.
  • The version of this wiki needs updating.
  • The version of this wiki needs updating again!
  • I installed the swiftmail plugin.

Design ToDos

  • Steve's just made this new template for the wiki - which is certainly a big improvement - thanks Steve! I reckon there could still be a few tweaks - any suggestions?We will need to make this wiki look nicer. I've sorted out the template a little, but it still needs to look nicer. Would anyone like to develop a new Dokuwiki Template based on this one, but maybe suppressing ugly buttons, including the Zero Dollar laptop logo top left (Where the title is now)… and some other features to make it nicer? If you'd like to develop a template, tell me!
  • :?: Would anyone like to suggest the design of a static page for the front page of the website?

Sticker Project

We really like the idea of stickers, to customise your own laptop and neutralise the corporate logos which they're usually plastered with. Instead of having one single design for stickers, it would be great to collect a whole range of stickers. It would be good to collect lots of alternative logos which can feed into the first sticker print-run.


  • We have a Logo Gallery for logos that you design. Please add your own, on the understanding that if you upload them here, it is okay for other people to reproduce them, modify them, and reproduce those modifications.
  • We should also have a Sticker Gallery for stickers (i.e. Logo, plus text, plus web link). Again, please add your own, on the understanding that if you upload them here, it is okay for other people to reproduce them, modify them, and reproduce those modifications.


  • It would be great to have a Gallery of Examples of the Zero Dollar Laptop. It's quite possible that you have already created a Zero Dollar Laptop - I use one every day - but it would be great to see some examples of projects which revive and redistribute laptops, or individual people who stick with a really old machine because they don't need or want to upgrade.

  • FIXME Please add your own ideas here…
  • FIXME And here…
  • FIXME And here!
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